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DVSN’s sophomore album Morning After from the OVO duo composed of vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 is less darker then it’s predecessor. The heartbreak record draws on the ups-and-downs of a relationship, as Dailey expresses his own mistakes while he looks for ways to mend the relationship he once had.

The album channels the more traditional old school R&B and soul vibes with mature content, they mix pop, modern bounce and hip-hop to create a well orchestrated cohesion with much attention to detail. This thirteen track album focuses on the physics of love, lust, the cycle of hookups, breakups and conveys intense passion.

You can set the mood with Morning After here.

Here are our top three current recommendations from the album :


Produced by accomplice Nineteen85, this track features ad-libs from PARTYNEXTDOOR. Daniel Daley tries to convince his women to chose him instead of other plans she may have, as the track switches tempos and his vocal aggression increases.


This track features production from Maneesh Bidaye, Daniel takes his time to serenade his women and make love to her intently and passionately. Watch the recently released visuals here, starring Raven


This track features Danish record producer Robin Hannibal, Daniel tries to discover what it takes to keep his women and convince her he's worth her time so she can ultimately stay the next morning.

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