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Welcome to a meticulously curated Blog



The Person: A man who wears many hats, AB established ABENCE as a means to showcase an extensive array of contents, personalized looks, and informative advice on materials to see and places to be.. Fuelled with passion and authenticity, he has a keen taste in men’s fashion and constantly pushes to discover what’s out there in the World.

What to Expect:
Latest news and development on culturally relevant content, particularly what I chose to consume. Enriched with personal experiences and explorations expressed through many creative mediums.


For Who: Those who are cultural participants and to all interested audiences. To those who continuously pursue the best of themselves and nuances.


Why: To contribute in the fashion and lifestyle communities. To share and promote awareness for brands and companies. To connect, inspire, and influence people.


Services: Brand Consultation, Photography and Visuals, Digital Strategy, Creative Director.