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A$AP Rocky is the latest person to appear on the cover of GQ Style for their Holiday Issue 2017, which comes at an opportune time since this devoted businessman has allot on his plate from numerous AWGE initiatives to  brand collaborations and the current A$AP Mob tour he’s part of. GQ sat with him preceding his concert in Philadelphia to broach such topics as his involvement with Under Amor and his solo album, all accompanied with a video where he answers questions from his comrades such as André 3000 and Mahershala Ali.

My new album is really about testing new sounds. People are scared to test new sounds, so they go with what's current 'cause it's the easy thing to do. The top 100 songs sound a certain way. People cater more to that because it's a bigger demographic behind that, or it's a guaranteed demographic behind that. I prefer to experiment and have my crowd grow with me and to reach new crowds. I don't just rap—I actually make music. That's why it takes time. These sonics represent me. - A$AP ROCKY

He mostly answered questions that were centred around his next solo album as he attempts to push his own musical boundaries and achieve a new wave of sounds. He also touched on his collaboration with Under Amor and what attracted him most about the company was CEO Kevin Plank’s involvement in charities since he was once a shelter kid.

Read the article in its entirety here on GQ.

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